Procurement Simplified

Take Back Control Of Your Procurement Processes

Procurement HUB was conceived from our successful Oilfield HUB service which is used by procurement and operations professionals in exploration, production and engineering companies in the oil & gas sector. Oilfield HUB incorporates several vendor management, procurement and sourcing service features which can be used across several industry segments. We retained all of these sought-after service features, stripped out the oil & gas components to give you our sister product to Oilfield HUB, Procurement HUB.

Not Sure It's For You?

From manufacturing, to clean energy, to construction, there’s no doubt Procurement HUB will fill the void for any industry in need of procurement!


Enough with the spreadsheets and costly ERP systems! Reduce the pressure by understanding how your company vets, ranks and tracks Preferred Vendors for specific services. It is vital information that leads to smarter buying decisions, alleviating administrative time and cost to your company.


A way to centralize supply chain procurement activities covering the sourcing of services, suppliers and rentals. Become leaner, meaner and more cost effective, while at the same time reinforcing the relationships they have with their preferred vendors.

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