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Create Your Own Private Supply Network in the HUB!

Effective vendor management is an often complex aspect of your business that directly affects your bottom line. Many businesses have some procedures in place to manage their vendors, but with spreadsheets and email being the norm, you may not be getting the best value for your time and money.


Certainty relating to vendor information, performance and management processes are necessary to reduce your risk and ensure you reach your business objectives.


Use our Preferred Vendor Manager service module for FREE and get unlimited:


Vendor Lists

Service Depth Charts

Private Company Data

PVM allows you to take a deliberate approach to managing your existing vendors and easily build connections with new ones. Use the powerful HUB Search Engine to find vendors that have the products and services you need. PVM is a quicker and more cost-effective way to manage operations and projects with your preferred vendors.

Master Vendor List

Create and consolidate multiple vendor lists by company, divisions, locations or projects.

Vendor Depth Charts

Sort by Products, Services, Supplies and Rentals. Centralize product and service data for your vendors and share this vital information across
the company.

GoTo Vendors

Rate and rank the companies you use to leverage qualified suppliers and track restricted vendors.

Secure and Private

Data Repository

Store sensitive company data and access unlimited vendor location, product and contact details.

Integrating Preferred Vendor Manager into your procurement processes decreases
your risks and allows you to make faster, smarter decisions for your business.

Preferred Vendor Manager - Procurement HUB